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AB 2352 (Nazarian) Putting decision-making where it should be – between a patient and their physician.

By California Chronic Care Coalition

May 2, 2022

AB 2352 – The Patient Rx Information and
Choice Expansion Act (PRICE Act)
Authored by Assemblymember Adrin Nazarian &
Co-Authored by Assemblymember Marie Waldron



AB 2352 (Nazarian) makes prescription medication cost information available at the point-of-care, preventing delays in care, medication non-adherence, and reducing administrative burdens on providers and the overall cost of healthcare.

Patients make decisions about their healthcare based on what they can afford. This critical cost and coverage information is not available until after they reach the pharmacy counter, where they may realize a treatment is unaffordable and abandon the needed medication.

Information blocking by insurers and PBMs not only aggravates patients’ state of health, but also leads to increased use of more costly healthcare services such as hospitalizations. This system does not work for patients or our healthcare providers, who are burdened with added administrative responsibilities.

AB 2352 moves prescription drug cost and coverage information into the doctors’ offices at the time of prescribing. Physician and patients are then able to have meaningful conversations about the cost of a specific treatment plan or other available alternatives.

AB 2352 enables decision-making to occur where it should – between a patient and their physician. Support for AB 2352 is critical, and we need your help!

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