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California Chronic Care Coalition Applauds Gov. Newsom’s Executive Order Allowing Pharmacists to Conduct COVID-19 Testing

August 28, 2020

The California Chronic Care Coalition applauds Governor Gavin Newsom’s executive order enabling pharmacists to conduct COVID-19 testing.

The order allows the California Department of Consumer Affairs, in consultation with the California Department of Public Health, to issue waivers permitting pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to conduct CLIA-waived COVID-19 tests.

To curb the spread of COVID-19 and ensure the safety of our communities, expanded testing capacity is essential. This executive order is a success for patients with chronic diseases and protects those who may be most vulnerable for severe illness due to COVID-19. Now, Californians can seek CLIA-waived tests faster and easier than before within their own communities. This order eases burdens associated with seeking COVID-19 testing lessening delays in waiting for an appointment, reducing travel, and making testing and other preventative medical services more accessible.

Additionally, the order encourages the utilization of pharmacists as valuable providers in the fight against this virus. The California Chronic Care Coalition has long supported the integration of pharmacists on the care team. Recognizing the value and expertise pharmacists can bring in collaborative practice with other providers is an important aspect of improving healthcare says President and CEO Liz Helms.

“Governor Newsom’s executive order allowing pharmacists to conduct COVID-19 is an encouraging step in our fight against this virus. We thank the Governor for his commitment to expand testing capacity and protect Californians among us who are most vulnerable to the effects of the virus. Allowing pharmacists to conduct COVID-19 tests not only protects people with chronic conditions by expanding the state’s testing capabilities, but also makes it easier, safer, and more affordable to access testing. Patients who do not live near a testing site or clinic, or those who are nervous to access healthcare, will now be able to seek this important preventative service in their own communities. We applaud the Governor’s action and look forward to supporting efforts to combat COVID-19 and protecting the patients we serve” Helms said.

Read the full text of the Executive Order here