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Weekly Recap – May 22nd, 2020

By California Chronic Care Coalition

May 22, 2020

Source: California Department of Public Health

COVID-19 In California – By The Numbers

Updated May 20th, 2020

  • Positive cases: 86,197
  • Confirmed hospitalizations: 3,048
  • Confirmed ICU hospitalizations: 1,051
  • Suspected hospitalizations: 1,687
  • Suspected ICU hospitalizations: 259
  • Deaths: 3,542

CDC Daily – COVID-19 Cases In America

Source: CDC Updated May 21, 2020
  • Total Cases: 1,528,235
  • Total Deaths: 91,664

States with highest number of cases reported:

  • New York: 356,179
  • New Jersey: 149,013
  • Illinois: 98,030
  • Massachusetts: 87,925
  • California: 81,795

Here’s a recap on the state’s updates:

  • Members of Governor Gavin Newsom’s Task Force on Business and Jobs Recovery sent a letter to congressional leaders asking them to pass $1 trillion in direct relief for state and local governments – funding that they say is critical to reopening California’s economy. A copy of the Task Force’s letter can be found here.
  • Labs across the state are collecting donated plasma from patients who were confirmed positive COVID-19 cases and have since recovered. Antibodies in the plasma could help fight infection for those suffering from it. The California Department of Public Health has mailed letters to encourage Californians who have had a positive test to consider donating their plasma to help develop treatments.
  • Calfresh recipients can now use their EBT card to make purchases online with Amazon and Walmart.
  • Seven trucks carrying medical equipment and supplies were delivered to a care station in Imperial County, which is experiencing a spike in COVID-19 cases.
  • Multiple counties began deliveries this week as a part of the Great Plates Delivered program, which provides qualified older adults with meals from local restaurants.
  • Gov. Newsom hosted a virtual roundtable with individuals who work in the film and T.V. industry as a part of the Economy Recovery & Reinvention Tour. You can view the roundtable here.
  • Important resources and websites to bookmark:

Visit the Office of the Governor’s Newsroom for more details and information.

Ensuring Healthcare Coverage During COVID-19

Millions of Californians have lost their employer-sponsored healthcare insurance. Now more than ever, it is important that all Californians have healthcare coverage. There are many resources available to those navigating the system. Covered California’s special enrollment deadline has been extended to June 30th, providing an opportunity for people to apply for new coverage. Over 123,000 individuals have already signed up for coverage through Covered California since March 20th. Additionally, more families may qualify for subsidized health plans now more than ever. Learn more by watching the video above.

In addition, other organizations are prioritizing coverage and information for patients during this time. Check out DMHC’s fact sheet below to see options for healthcare, and visit My Patient Rights for help with denials.

Webinar: “Conquering Insurance Challenges: Finding New Coverage & Overcoming Denials”

Last week, Hemophilia Council of California hosted a webinar, “Conquering Insurance Challenges: Finding New Coverage & Overcoming Denials” with presenters Kelly Bradfield, External Affairs, Covered California and Liz Helms, President/CEO, California Chronic Care Coalition. The webinar provided an overview of what those who have lost health insurance can do to get coverage, including utilizing Covered California and My Patient Rights to help. If you missed the webinar live, a recording will soon be posted at this link.

CDPH County by County Guidance

Source: CDPH

The California Department of Public Health announced a new attestation opportunity for counties to move through Stage 2, opening additional sectors of their economy at their own pace. To qualify, counties must attest that hospitalization and test positivity rates are stable or declining; that they have a significant level of preparedness with testing, contact tracing, PPE and hospital surge; and that they have adequate plans related to county-wide containment.

  • For a list of counties that have met requirements to move through Stage 2 of reopening, click here.
  • For county criteria, click here.

Primary care is being devastated by COVID-19. It must be saved

Source: STAT News

By Daniel Horn, Wayne Altman, and Zirui Song

As the U.S. nears 60,000 deaths due to Covid-19, primary care could be among its next casualties. Half of the primary care practices in America are small businesses, which means they are battling the virus on the frontlines even as they are on the verge of going out of business. The reason for this dynamic is that most of these practices, and much of our health care system, rely on an outdated payment model: Each in-person visit with a patient generates a payment. Without in-person visits, there is little to no revenue… Read More.