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CCCC Statement on HR 3

By California Chronic Care Coalition

October 22, 2019

(SACRAMENTO) – Liz Helms, President and CEO of the California Chronic Care Coalition (CCCC), today released the following statement on House Resolution 3:

“The California Chronic Care Coalition appreciates the House’s efforts to address out-of-pocket costs and affordability issues people face across the United States. However we have concerns regarding the recently introduced House Resolution 3 (HR 3) because we believe it will not achieve the goal of increasing access to life saving and innovative medications for seniors and others. 

HR 3 may leave in place a structure that benefit the middleman over patients and promotes untested government price controls that will limit patient access to ground-breaking medications. Real reform includes supporting the development of and access to treatments and medications that will improve patients’ quality of life in the short and long term while lowering their costs at the prescription counter.

CCCC fears that HR 3 falls short of both of these goals. We encourage Congress to consider HR 3’s negative impacts to patients with chronic illness and work with health care advocates to craft solutions that will enhance health care for all.”